Rebecca Ladida

Rebecca Ladida is an independent curator, interdisciplinary artist, and practice-based researcher whose practice is hinged around the performative, and often marked by excess. Putting (our relationship to) Nature into question through mixed media installation, performance, immersive art, curating and video work, Ladida explores themes of violence and healing, habitation and queer intimacy. How we conceive and engage with kinship, space, bodies, borders, boundaries, and what needs to be healed from and through these components interrogates both belonging and recognition. Beneath her body of art and curatorial work, she seeks to hone the concepts of intersectionality not only as an analytical framework, but as a practice rooted in queer-feminist kinship, collaboration, and community-building deeply influenced by the politics of punk: a politics of refusal.

Photo: Partial view of the performative installation piece Failings & Habitats (2018),
Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly, Dfbrl8r Gallery, Chicago, 2018